Purchasing Your E-Texts

There is a required e-textbook/textbook fee of $400.00 for all families for the 2021-2022 school year. This price will cover the core academic instructional materials. Each student will have access to e-textbooks on the first day of school. Once the fee is paid, the student will have their customized virtual bookshelf available.

Purchase your books from August 1-25, 2021

Accessing Your EdTech Pages and Purchasing Required E-Texts 

Each student will have access to their own individual page once he/she signs on to the school's bookstore at hcw.shelfit.com. If you are having problems accessing your page, please contact EdTech directly at (855) EdTech5 or at customersfirst@edtechsoftware.com

Each student is required to purchase the $400.00 bundle of required etexts. Studio Art supplies and goggles are included in the bundle. If your child is in need of a physical book, hard copies will be available at an additional cost. You can access these on your student's page.

Additional required materials, including a Bible, will be needed but are not included in the bundle. These as well as optional materials will be clearly marked on your child's page.

Students will access their etexts on their own personal devices on the first day of school. Please refer to our Bring Your Own Device policy for specific information.

Questions or concerns? Please contact Tommy Pompei, Principal, at tpompei@holycrosshs-ct.com