Tuition & Financial Aid

On average, Holy Cross High School awards just over $1,000,000 in financial aid and scholarships. This year, 65% of our current student body receives financial assistance.

Guaranteed Tuition

Holy Cross High School’s Guaranteed Tuition Model is simple: It guarantees that the tuition will not increase for a student’s four years at the school. Holy Cross offers monthly interest-free payment plans allowing families to better plan for the cost of a Holy Cross education.

Class of 2023 $13,350.00

Class of 2024: $13,750.00

Class of 2025: $13,750.00

Class of 2026: $14,000.00

For International Student Tuition and Fees, please click here.

Holy Cross offers a variety of payment options to accommodate many family budgets, including annual, semi-annual, 10-, 11-, or 12- month plans and enables families to pay via mail, web, phone, or electronic bill pay. Also, several different methods of payment, such as paper check, electronic check, debit card and wire transfer are accepted. Online access to student accounts is also available.

At the time a student enrolls, a non-refundable registration payment of $400 is paid directly to the school and the parent/guardian responsible for tuition enrolls in a suitable payment plan.

Academic Merit Scholarships

Holy Cross is committed to rewarding high achieving students for their efforts and accomplishments. Students who take the Holy Cross High School Placement Exam in August, October or December are considered for our Scholarship Program and will be notified of their eligibility.

We do not require an additional scholarship application or materials other than the applicant’s required admissions application, placement exam scores, transcript, personal statement and letter of recommendation to be considered for Academic Merit Scholarships.

  • President's Scholarships
    • President’s Scholarships are awarded to students who earn the highest score on the Placement Exam. Students must score in the top 10%.
      • Green Award (top 2%) = $12,000 over four years
      • Gold Award (top 3-10%) = $8,000 over four years
Financial Aid

Holy Cross acknowledges that not all interested families may be able to afford the full cost of tuition. Financial aid may be awarded to those accepted students that apply and qualify for it. Payment plans are also available. Please note that Holy Cross cannot guarantee funding to all applicants who qualify. Holy Cross does not offer financial aid packages equal to the value of half to full tuition. Your financial aid package, when awarded, is guaranteed and renewed annually.

Holy Cross utilizes FACTS, an online service to assist us with financial need assessment. To apply for financial aid, each family must complete a financial aid application online by December 1st.

Click Here to Apply for Financial Aid- You will be directed to the FACTS website. Holy Cross uses the results of the financial aid application submission to make financial aid award decisions.


For Incoming Freshmen: All applications submitted after the December 1st deadline will be considered on a case by case basis.

Financial assistance is available to transfer students. Please contact Terri Ann Parks at for more information.

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